Sundance House

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architecture
ArtistK Chien

There is a grayer shade or whiter pale. As colors transfigure the aura of space, the clear morning light is filtered through a misty gray that lurks throughout the night. The translucent color fields of gray and white spill over the room. The traversal and longitudinal circulations separate the individual functions of a house into more precisely. In the living room, one enjoys the scenes of dawn and sunset. The window abuts the greenery of a park. The purity of the environment and colors dispel the sense of enclosure and accommodate the natural light and shades as well as other peculiarities.

Ho-Ho Design Consultant aims to reveal the harmony (ho) and air (qi) of people and place. Designing space is a process of intuiting and evocation. The honest expression of the totality is the outcome. Every object is refined like needlework. Functions precipitate into the comfort of the interior. What we usually called "feeling" is, in fact, a careful calculation of imminent beauty in mind. Each individual perceives beauty in all spatial dimensions. A good design interweaves these threads for every client around his or her axis mundi.