The Fire Of Holy Spirit

PrizeHonorable Mention in Installation Art
CompanyBeijing Fenghemuchen Space Design
ArtistYi Chen
Design TeamYi Chen & Muchen Zhang
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Metamorphosing between visible and invisible, the Spirit of God is manifested in a variety of forms, as the blazing “fire” represents the true form of the visual description of Holy Spirit. It is not only a reflection of God’s absolute holiness and righteousness, but also a special token for God’s covenant with his children. It is symbolic of the glory of God’s judgment too holy to be beheld, while shedding light on the fact that only after going through the trial by fire could we aspire to be worthy of the crown of life.

Graduates from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, co-founders Yi Chen and Muchen Zhang have both staged art and spatial installation exhibitions of their own. Starting their spatial design career in 1999, they moved to Canada in 2005. Their works cover a wide range of spatial patterns, and today, they are renowned for being spatial designers, excelling at various interior and architectural space design patterns. They have been able to secure high acclaim within the industry and garnered several awards both at home and abroad in recent years.