No.601 Peaceful and Comfortable

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architecture
CompanyISIT Interior Design
ArtistWen Liang Hung
Design TeamISIT Interior Design

The design ideas for existence & nonexistence carry the inhabitants’ expectations for life. Stepping into the door, a see-through layout composed of living room, kitchen and dining room located one after another. This layout is without the restrictions of traditional one that is defined by lines and frames. Except for openness for traffic flow on the borders of different areas, all hidden behind walls. This pattern defines the aesthetics of separating different areas, outlining the open and bright space while allowing inhabitants to see the simplified and sleek arrangement in the layout.

Director Wenliang Hong has been devoted in interior design for more than 20 years, and has accumulated rich experience in design. He has differentiating design techniques. Never restricted to particular design style or space type. There more has distinctive foresights and cognition of design. He advocates the conviction that "design should not be more complex than it needs". Get rid of overmuch decoration, as far as possible with the least amount of material to complete a piece of work. Always adhere to the pursuit of better spirit and implement ability in the process.