Jazz Notes

PrizeShortlist in Shoot (photo/video)
University/SchoolNon Professional
ArtistGiuseppe Cardoni

“Jazz Notes” is a notebook of a journey that lasted various years, in the world and in the culture of jazz. It is a declaration of personal love, but also of an Italian Region, Umbria, which has always hosted the most important jazz festivals and where most of the photographs were taken. It is an "intimate diary", created by experiencing the stage, rehearsals, expectations and convivial moments of relaxation with the musicians.

Lives in Umbria,Italy. Engineer. He coauthored, with the RAI journalist Luca Cardinalini, the photographic book “STTL La terra ti sia lieve”. With Luigi Loretoni, he published in 2008 the photographic book “Miserere” and in 2014 “Kovilj”. He is coauthor of the book “I colori del Jazz”. In 2014 he published "Boxing Notes". In 2019, he has published the photobook "Jazz Notes"and in 2020 "Life and Death - Mexican Rhapsody". He has been awarded or has been a finalist in many national and international competitions.