D' Âme Nature

PrizeShortlist in Installation Art
ArtistAMARGER Brigitte
Design TeamAMARGER Brigitte
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This 1580inches installation has a central column with a cascade of plants surrounded by flower beds. Realized in radiography, paper, textile, porcelain, wood, foam and geotextile it questions us about the fragility of our universe. The choice of the medical imaging medium allowed me to integrate the human into this grandiose but endangered nature, reminding us of our duty to preserve it. Sensitive to ecological questions, my artistic practice finds here again a double meaning: to create by recycling the waste.

My practice includes textile and numerical techniques, laser cutting and engraving. I am working with luminescent and reflective materials and medical imagery. The last one is allowing me to expand my research on light, memory , science and society, as well as to recycle discarded materials . I already have been making a lot of X-rays installations with figures and, in this work, my interest has turned to the passages and the borders of today and that of tomorrow, through the human body, its natural and future anatomy, the artificial intelligence, the increased human being: H +... No limit?