Elegance - Year Horoscope 2019

PrizeShortlist in Illustration - Graphic Design
CompanyCharlotte Greeven

Assignment commissioned by Elegance Magazine, to create 12 illustrations for the Year Horoscope, a special that is published each winter for the upcoming year. I studied the characteristics, as well as gemstones and flowers that go together with each Zodiac sign. The result was an expressive series, made in watercolours, ink and gouache.

As an illustrator and portrait painter, I am looking for ways to create characters with their own range of emotional expressions. As a passionate analytical thinker, I find observing human characteristics fascinating. Within this, I am drawn to elegance - the whip of a nose, the arch of a foot. Such nuanced expression requires an eye for detail and precise execution. I devote myself to developing my ability in this regard and become a skillful narrator of the romantic.