PrizeShortlist in Photography
University/SchoolUCLA (University of California, Los Angeles)
ArtistFiona Hsu

"Dreamland" tells the journey of a dream and voice the labyrinthine narrations of the unconscious mind. When dreaming, sometimes we get so mesmerized by a dream's distortions, that we perceive it as a reality and lose the sense of our identity and place for brief moments. Sometimes our subconscious dreams exaggerate certain qualities of ourselves, and haunt us with unexpected emotions. Inspired by the entries from my dream journal, I want my images to illustrate the concept of possibilities and delusions of dreams.

Fiona Hsu is a fine artist and self-taught photographer who captures imagery based on her pure imaginations and dreams. She started traditional art since she was 5 and developed passion for fine art photography at age 14 during her recovery from a foot tendon surgery. Her works captures the aspects of beauty within woeful and melancholic definitions, narrating a haunted yet quaint story. Fiona's photographs, particularly self portraits, are inspired by her dreams at night, childhood imaginations, and her complex forms of emotions she discovered within herself.