Chengdu Jingkai White building

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
ArtistC.R. LIN
Design TeamZhou Tianye, Sun Lidong, Ni Guoyue, Zhu Jiayi, Li Bangle, Zhu Jinhui, Lin Sen, Li Bentao, Ye Xiunan, Zhuang Xueyan, Zhang Mingzheng, Pan Tianyi

Just like Borges’s?The Garden of Forking Paths??he uses the labyrinth narrative style to express the crossing timelines in the garden. The While Building is a long way to finding the path, it is full of luck and coincidence, beyond the nature and reality, a two-dimensional construction. Architect has been involved in the multi-dimensional timeline and space, tracing back to its origin and bring a new soul to this region.