Black & White Grapes

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyMasumi Shiohara Fruits Farm
ArtistMasumi Shiohara
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This is a work I made in my vineyard. This is not grapes made by image composition. There are two types of grapes in one bunch. It takes about 4 months to complete. I am a fruit farmer. Preparations are required from early summer to finish this way during the autumn harvest season. And it requires farmer experience, intuition and luck. Luck here refers to weather conditions. I am also a fruit breeder. Biologically, such varieties do not exist. I want to produce fruits that no one has ever seen. With that in mind, I created the sculptural work. I tried to lock it in the photo so that it wouldn'

Masumi Shiohara was born in 1974 in Nagano, Japan. He worked at a micro-machining company as a development engineer. After leaving the company, he took over the management of the family orchard from his parents and is now running a farm. While growing fruit here he became interested in capturing them into works of photographic art, a skill which he picked up by himself. The inspiration to capture these photographically originally came when he was requested to supply fruit on a branch to a botanical artist - since then he has continued producing photographic art works of fruit on a branch. He i