PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistGalina Manikova
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This project is about identity and origin and is based on family photos. Pictures are semi-transparent and seen differently from different points of view, light and shadows are part of the installation adapted to an exhibition space. The new self-developed alternative photography techniques are toned cyanotypes, vandykes, cuprotypes and more. Pictures made by eco-printing in combination with my own handmade photo-emulsions on washi paper are shaped together with pulp into long panels and sculptural forms. I want to bring a two-dimensional image back to the three-dimensional world.

Galina Manikova likes to say that she is a real citizen of the world. She was born on an earlier Japanese island of Sakhalin, grew up in Moscow, got her art education at Bezalel academy in Jerusalem and lives and works in Norway since 1986. She is really a citizen of the world. She has a solid academic education and has been a lecturer and a teacher at an academic level for many years. She works with different materials and techniques. Her work is just as eclectic and complex as her background. It includes installation art, video art, computer art, ceramics and photography.