The Redefinition Of Blue

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyTime For Inspiration / art project
ArtistStephan Fürnrohr

Year after year, the same natural spectacle takes place on the Greenland Ice Sheet. As soon as summer comes, large meltwater lakes form at the edge of this huge ice desert. These lakes are drained towards the sea by a network of streams, rivers and creeks. The lakes disappear again as soon as it gets colder - either through continuous runoff or through the opening of siphons deep in the crevices and fissures of the ice. The water filters all spectral colours out of the daylight until finally only blue tones remain, which are scattered and reflected at the icy bottom of the lakes.

Artist's Statement: I love photography and I love digital imaging. But even more, I love authentic photography. Therefore, the images on this site are only slightly digitally adjusted (during the process of the RAW-conversion) to reflect my view of the scenery. My design elements are eye, light, time and perspective as well as the classical settings of the camera: focus, angle, shutter speed and aperture. I create my images at the shooting locations, not at the computer.