Surf Museum

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyStudio Evans Lane
ArtistTimothy Evans
Design TeamElizabeth Lane, Danny Higham, Regina Kartika. VISUALISATIONS: The Boundary
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South West Australia is home to a number of world class surf beaches and has been a surf destination since the 1950s. The Surf Museum project is intended as both a virtual and physical repository and resource to engage with a growing global surfing community. From entry level, the spiral building ascends in one direction to a panoramic viewing gallery;in the other descends underground to form further gallery spaces. The buildings roof, accessible from ground level takes the form of a sculpted skate park. An online presence is being developed to build advocacy and generate (crowd) funding.

STUDIO EVANS LANE is a London-based architectural design studio working on a variety of projects in the UK and overseas. The practice's combined expertise spans the fields of residential, hotel, cultural arts and installation projects. What links all the projects that Studio Evans Lane undertake regardless of scale, is their ability to make legible the underlying narrative, to tell a story using the medium of architecture and design, to create something memorable and engaging.