IPDC আমাদের গান ( IPDC Amader Gaan)

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
ArtistM. N. Rashidul Islam Khan
Design TeamCreato Creative Team
Video URLView

IPDC Amader Gaan, is a folk musical platform. For a unique presentation, we conceptualize a design with our folk/rural livelihood. Geographically it’s a land of rivers and agriculture. We wanted to have our rural lifestyle, mud hut, mud colors, and architectural pattern of their houses, windows, doors, and Front Yard. We built our stage where few musicians can sit and sing (as tradition). Besides we decorated set walls with our traditional elements such as as- clay dolls, musical instruments, Nakshi katha, handmade fan, and lantern. When we saw the stage we felt it’s for our song (?????? ???).

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