PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyShen Fung Lin
ArtistShen Fung Lin

This series of works is inspired by "the great use of uselessness" of the ancient Chinese thinker Zhuangzi and the Chinese rubbings art. I create a new Action Painting that combines the two for experiments with subversion and innovation. I use Zen as the core of my spirit. Zen is an abstract concept as if the air is everywhere,but it's out of reach. What I want to convey through my work is "Heaven, earth, mountains and rivers, all things have spirits, coexist with each other in peace."Such feelings that cannot be explained in words.

The establishment of Shen Fung Lin aims at the heritage of the Chinese art, inheriting the ancientry, and learning from the master of the schools of thought. The thousand years of Chinese culture has collected the most significant achievement of our ancestors and has become an immense treasury of knowledge. Art is the gemstone elutriated and refined by the hands of artists. Shen Fung Lin expects to set the traditions as backgrounds and utilize the modern language and new thinking to elaborate, experiment, and renovate, so as to create the Neo-Chinese Art for the contemporary era.