Investigating Inner Turmoil

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanySteve Mason Studio
ArtistSteve Mason

My work is a combined response to life events, the subject being investigated, inner turmoil, and accessible materials. An example is Portland 9b–3, a combined response to the events in Portland, Oregon, this past summer and the death of my son– I hope for discussion towards deep change, often diverted by invasion of political agendas. I take an image (a photo, drawing, painting, etc.), usually an image of someone close, and develop it into an expression of feeling at any given time. The colors are saturated and when combined with gesture become particularly effective especially when viewed...

What do we see? How do we see? How does our mind filter what we see, both collectively and individually? The process of making art has taught me much about the physical “hard-wiring” of our vision (the basics of vision) and its relationship to what we actually see in our minds. After a life of deconstructing form and emotion, I have come to focus on the process of stereoscopic art. With glasses that rely on color and only one image to create a 3D effect, I can paint and draw spontaneously in a “real” three dimensional space — the results have been startling and more in sync with my three dim..