WATER 2020

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyRejane Cantoni; Raquel Kogan
ArtistRejane Cantoni; Raquel Kogan
Design TeamRaquel Kogan; Rejane Cantoni; Leonardo Crescenti (in tribute)
Video URLView

WATER 2020 is a tactile-visual interface: a very large flexible observation mirror, designed to undergo distortions in function of the weight and position of the visitor; it is comprised of plastic mirrored plaques, 1 mechanical tactile sensing system and ellipsoidal light projectors. The plastic mirrored plaques are connected and form a big mirrored surface. The function of this large mirror is to reflect the light that falls onto it and to project the resulting shadows of the interactors, constantly changing as they move, on the site-specific installation.

Rejane Cantoni is a Sa?o Paulo based artist. Cantoni’s works include large-scale, interactive installations that offer visceral mediations on how individuals perceive and communicate within the spaces they inhabit. Raquel Kogan: BA in architecture. Research space management through video installations, installations, sound works and objects.