I am Alice

PrizeOfficial Selection in Illustrate (graphic)
ArtistAnna-Maria Abbruzzo
Design TeamGhislaine Sauve Tong
Video URLView

The rationale behind Alice’s visual Identity is to make clear Alice’s reason for existing. Our want is to give purpose and to support Alice’s actions; to guide the organization forward and to demonstrate Alice’s values. Lastly and most importantly our work allows for consistency and appropriateness. This mandate is best described as Graphic Design for a Non-Profit Organization.All printed communications have all been designed to be printed with minimum paper waste. We used a grid in order to achieve a disciplined look with a minimum of restrictions. We applied the grid to every format.

We are a design and editorial studio with a focus on creativity at large, professing internationally, led by Anna-Maria Abbruzzo. We are graphic designers, spatial designers, strategists, and content developers. Our combined knowledge is in art, design and fashion. We propose innovative solutions to help artists, designers and design-driven companies build their respective brands. We believe that good design should transcend trends. We approach our human-centric process, with the initial concept that the design should tell a story about our client’s values; a narrative where all the char