Branding for MKSynergy

PrizeOfficial Selection in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyUser Experience Group (UXG), ValueLabs
ArtistKadambari Sahu
Design TeamAnuja Thanawala and Dikshit Sharma
Video URLView

MKSynergy is a web enabled platform which acts as a bridge between two applications enabling data to be synced seamlessly. The new logo embodies the essence of the power of collaboration. The logo icon is derived from the attributes of the keywords - link (connectivity), synergy and the potential it holds to accelerate growth. The arms forming the triangular form represent connectivity and syncing while also suggesting balance & harmony. Orange is symbolic of strength and endurance while also evoking a fresh, light-hearted feel. Overall the new identity emulates the personality of the brand.

Kadambari is an award winning Designer & a Design Leader, working as SVP design at ValueLabs. She founded User Experience Group at ValueLabs, & is currently leading 50+ designers to create world-class & award-winning products and services to have a positive impact on businesses. Her forte lies in building, growing, coaching & mentoring high-performance design teams from scratch. She creates design culture by infusing design thinking within organisations & businesses to create a holistic strategy and customer experience. Her practice in design allows her to work on intangible & tangible aspects