PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyHPID Co.,Ltd.

Our design takes advantage of sculptor Richard Serra's strategy by using different curved structures to interact with the architectural rectangle-form. A play on balance between the light and heavy, the transparent and monolithic; simultaneously, gold & white colors symbolized the encounter of classic & modern. We want to break the boundaries between the city and nature, function and art, past and future, to transform the space into a "borderless land". Visitors will experience an organic and artistic space, which reminds people to slow down,unwind and be in the moment.

Hangzhou Palace Interior Design Co., Ltd. is founded in 2006 as a design company with its head office in Hangzhou. We meet the opportunity that China's economy develops rapidly and globally, which helps the cooperation with domestic or Asia-wide leading developers. Senior designers in HPID are experts from different backgrounds of respectively unique views and devoted to the design localization integrity with different ideas, styles and materials. We are a professional interior design company with extensive experience, a global vision, and a determined and creative spirit.