Kaisa Stream Jade Garden

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyGND Jiedi Landscape Design
Artist Zhong Yongcheng, Qiu Ge, Li Bing
Design TeamConcept design: Luo Feng, Zhang Aizhu, Gong Haoze, Pan Xiao, Yuan Dongyang, Liu Yun, Yan Xingxing Construction drawing design: Xiao Zonglu, Yan Zongdo
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The landscape of Kaisa Stream Jade Garden is designed by GND Design. Based on the interpretation of the site and surrounding environment, by digging out images from the natural landscape and creating a unique spatial experience with modern design language, the design has built a simple, natural and elegant exhibition experience center. How to address the project height difference by creating a multi-level green landscape: Setting up the viewing pavilion and waterfall to form a multi-layer landscape by using the height difference.