Aurifer in Time

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
ArtistChris Cheung
Design TeamSuet-yee Liu, Jeff Wong, Kai-yin Kwan, Kit Leung, Vanessa Lee, Priscilla Chung, Jacky Lau, Ryan Leung, Janice To, Candy Chiu, Mike Choi, Jose Lai
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Submerging the consciousness into the sculpting of gold, we witness, from fluid, the metal blooms into flowers. Koun Ryusui, drift like clouds, flow like water. In the prologue “The Metamorphosis of Gold”, one shall immerse in a state of void, surrounded by petals of splendours. The flowing gold represents meticulously crafted jewellery as a quintessence of the arts in an epoch, deeply infused with cultural essences and memories of the people. Inspired by the ‘Empty Your Cup’ Chinese Zen Philosophy, the space was designed to empty one’s thoughts, only to soak visitors in the golden eras.

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