Embrione – Valter Polleggioni & Stefan Milev – SMPH Series –

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyStefan Milev
ArtistStefan Milev
Design TeamValter Polleggioni, Phil Hoffmann

Bird is the title of the fourth collaboration between Bulgarian-born photographer Stefan Milev and German artist Phil Hoffmann. Portraying the traditional clash of values between European east and west, their projects naturally shift from fashion into visual poetry that explores subjects well beyond contemporary trends: SMPH pieces are optical essays that tell sensual stories about aesthetics through frames of identity, geography and cultural modernity. SMPH

Stefan Milev was born in Bulgaria in 1981. Impressionist. Expressionist. Surrealist. Stefan Milev photographs sending out rays of sensual poetry! He gives his pictures a subtle aura of mystery and stands with hiswork between photography and painting. Stefan Milev displays a highly artistic photographic identity towards the relationship between the model and his very personal technique of painting with light. As a result, Milev’s picturesque meaning of photographs uncover a unique and multiplex sense for the Zeitgeist in photography. Milev, first and foremost recognized as a pictorialist