Street Entrepreneurs

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
ArtistBetirri Bengtson
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"Street entrepreneurs" is a new series that will make homage to different street vendors that are slowly disappearing in the public squares in Mexico. From selling a balloon, a cotton-candy, snow-cones, to painting faces, are some of the few honest jobs that many people have done at the streets in Mexico. These jobs have brought a lot of joy and smiles to many during the last 3 generations. I recently finished the balloon vendor which took me 3 years to complete. It will be of great help to get funds to keep working on more characters and soon present them all to the public.

Born in Puebla, Mexico [1982], Betirri is a local artist in Houston, Texas, internationally recognized primarily by a series of paintings depicting bodiless sport figures in motion. His work ranges from figurative to conceptual always expressing the essence of an idea or subject. He is also a muralist and the official artist of the Houston Lamborghini Festival since 2014. Betirri’s art trajectory include exhibits in New York, Miami & Houston in the US, Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, Milan-Italy, Vancouver-Canada, Puebla-Mexico, & Moscow-Russia.