The Fool / 22 Major Arcana

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyYelena York
ArtistYelena York

Technique. Pointillism and Stippling Materials : Ink and Acrylic The Fool is card 0 and card 22 as it represents a new cycle. You can be taking a leap of faith when things are bad and start a new life same way as you can take a leap of faith when you have achieved your goals and you are ready to start a new chapter with new point of view for life ahead. Although sometimes it can also represent to be “Cautious” and not to mass around with faith and think you have the power to do whatever you want- sometimes you will be surprised how you haven’t calculated your moves before taking action.

York known for her extremely detailed Pointillism and stippling works, her meticulous pen and ink pieces leave no room for error, each finished to precision with no mistakes, lest she begin all over again. A true perfectionist at heart, York brings her magical energy and impeccable form to each piece that can only be admired with awe and appreciated for its own excellence. In a very short period of time, York already has an impressive list of exhibitions and private collectors