PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyPaco Lago Interioriza
ArtistPaco Lago
Design TeamPaco Lago, Toni Albaladejo, Alejandro Picatoste, Sebastián Navas, Julia Naranjo, Elisabet Valenzuela, Ana Albarracín y Alba Urbano.
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Inner space as a feature. Ta-Kumi, one of the best-rated restaurants in Marbella, showed a lack of design within its walls. It was like a powerful engine without the necessary design to make it run at a higher level, therefore we had just a mission: Adding the interior design as an “appetizer” of the whole menu. Inspired by ancient tradition, we take the knife as a concept and splitted it into colours, forms and textures, so we created a space where the wood is the main character, and the steel color palette appears around the walls and decorative stuff to complete the idea.