Inside Invisible

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyGolnar Studio
ArtistGolnar Ghasimi

The main subject of my book and artworks series "Inside Invisible" is Identity. In today world, people are alienated from themselves. The "Invisible" means people do not know themselves. People are disconnected from their inner-self and have no idea who they are. The definition of people is about their relation with outer world. Their job, their home, their wealth, their social and economical status. None of them really defines who a person is, when the person is alienated from him/herself.

Golnar Ghasimi, Sculptor from Iran was born in 1974. Her interest in art was shaped while she was in school and continued after her graduation from Tehran Poly Technic university in Textile engineering. In early days of her art career, she was designing gold and jewelry and sell her designed and products to the market. Later, she experienced her work with other materials such as silver and other semi-precious stones. She professionally studied in jewelry making and sculpture under the guidance of famous Iranian masters and participated in several solo and group exhibition during 2006 to 2020.