Light and environmentally friendly accessories

PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
CompanyPizpireta Complementos
ArtistAna Rosa Gonzalez Blanco
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Pizpireta Complementos is characterized by the maximum care in the selection of materials, which are acquired in Italy and London, to guarantee the best possible result. Among others, the presence of cellulose acetate in most of its earrings stands out. It is an environmentally friendly plastic. This type of acetate (unlike other plastics) is a plastic of vegetable origin, without a petroleum base. Thanks to this careful selection of materials and a handcrafted and very careful process, Ana Rosa has managed to find a mix that, in addition to being sustainable and respectful for the environment

I’M A VISUAL DESIGNER from Zamora living in Madrid, where I work as a freelance Senior Designer. With deep experience in different areas such as visual campaigns, branding, editorial, packaging, illustration... my strength lies in UI/UX design: website, wearables and apps.