What will remain

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyTatiana Della Vedova Photography
ArtistTatiana Della Vedova
Design TeamStudio Asja Keeman, Tatiana Della Vedova, Nicole Segers

This project is about how people feel connected to their home country for a long time. That even after several generations the connection to the homeland remains, and that it only slowly fades. It’s about the feeling of being at home in both places without completely belonging to either one of them. About the wish of holding on and the inevitability of needing to let go.

TATIANA DELLA VEDOVA Tatiana Della Vedova is a Dutch/Italian photographer based near Amsterdam. In her work she’s interested in the relationship between time, place and memory. How one thing influences the other, how a certain place can evoke different feelings in different periods of time and for different people. Her way of exploring this is by telling stories. Stories where place, time and memory merge together. Tatiana Della Vedova graduated from the Fotoacademie in 2019 in Amsterdam. Her work has been shown in Loods 6 in Amsterdam and at Podium Museum Hilversum.