A Snugging Bungalow

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyRaimi Interior Design

In order to configure a modern and sophisticated residential style in line with the personality of the young homeowner, therefore, adopt the reduced partition scheme to bring out the capacious, transparent, and flexible layout. Basically, exploit the mild earth tone, art decors, and soft furnishings of concise lines to create a stable circumstance. In addition, take the advantages of the recessed lights and stripe lighting to add the livable features, thereupon, bring about the serene yet dynamic homey atmosphere.

Due to knowing that the three factors of people, space, and sentiment are equally important for achieving the requirements of bringing about a perfect project. Raimi interior design holds a sincere and thoughtful heart, and by means of the ingenious aesthetic taste, works in concert with the experienced and professional team, furthermore, integrates the essence spirits of varied styles, and then, excellently interprets via the interior design. We go all in to transform the fancy imagination into the real dream, and hope to convey the living attitude of appreciating aesthetics.