Community Center of Imperial Mansion

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
ArtistTao Xuesen
Design TeamChen Guang, Lu Shisong, Xu Wu, Wang Jian, Chen Chongwei, Liu Lei, Shen Yingbiao, Tang Jun, Lu Yuchen, Chen Zhenmin, Xia Zehui

Yuhuan is a classic example of a coastal city. The shape of the community center is derived from the surrounding beautiful landscape. The clean geometric outlines paired with the folded edges of the roof allow the heavy structure to appear light and elegant in a natural environment. The architect hopes to make up for the lack of public urban space in the city by introducing an open plan in the project. Through a series of interactive spaces, such as street-corner city squares, large areas of stairs, and resting platforms, various modes of interactions with the environment are generated.