PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanySue Chenoweth Studio

The word Predator can mean many things. Thinking about the word, Apex Animal Predators come to mind. The top apex predator is the Orca Whale. Listed under the Orca Whale is a variety of animals from the Tigers to Komodo Dragons. When looking at humans preying on humans, ‘Murder’ is at the top. This goes from Passion Murders to Serial Killers. Also included in the human Group is disease. Heart Disease is the top killer. Under Heart disease are Strokes, Alzheimer’s Disease & Cancer. I would paint a schematic diagram of many Categories of Apex Predators according to their hierarchy.

I was born in Plainview, Texas and now live and now works in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1998 I graduated with a MFA in painting from The Katherine K. Herberger School of Fine Arts at Arizona State University. My installations and paintings are investigations of memory, myth and place explored through historical narrative, architectural as well as the physical and biological sciences. By combining seemingly disparate subject matter, I come up with unique connections often overlooked...