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Design TeamVentura+Partners
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Designed as a functional piece of design inspired by Hobbits houses, this structure offers benches, a table with a multi-connection box, and is coated with acoustic foam. Outside – to soften the volume of the structure – high gloss lacquered white MDF results in a mirror that reflects the surrounding environment, diluting in it. Easily built and assembled on site in 10 minutes, Hobbit was developed to solve a company’s logistical problem: room occupation. Since then, multiple uses and different appropriations prove the adaptability of the structure.

Ventura + Partners is a company dedicated to the development of architecture, design and urbanism projects, founded in 1994 by Manuel Ventura. With offices in Portugal, USA and France – and projects in more than a dozen countries –, this global studio currently employs about 100 collaborators around the world.