Integration of Taiwanese and Japanese Aesthetics

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyZendo Interior Design
ArtistChiung-Hsu Su
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This project is located in Chiayi City,Taiwan. It is a Japanese style conveyor belt sushi restaurant. We preserve the original Japanese architecture and integrate it with local elements and Japanese style dining culture to make a dining space that is full of story.With the main concept of "local,sustainable and eco-friendly", we draws on the local most famous Alishan mountain landscape and the characteristics of the forestry settlement,while blending into the essence of Japanese dining culture.

The head chief designer Fabio Su, who was born in Taiwan. Because of studied in Argentina, he had many chances to travel around the world. This experience made his design has the elements of west culture, and Mr. Su is also good at combining the west and east characteristics into his design. Trying to use the new construction methods and design elements to present the modest way of traditional east. It makes his design not only fashion but also graceful temperament. ZENDO co. which is owned by Mr. Su is focus on how to combine the architecture and nature smoothly.