PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
ArtistManuel Ventura
Design TeamVentura+Partners

Essenza is a multifamily residential building located at the doorstep of Porto's City Park, in Portugal. The building's most striking feature is the facade's three-dimensionality, created through geometric rips that cut the concrete as if there is a body reaction in each cut. This skin effect creates the illusion of undulation and movement and extends to the base of the volume, covered by a golden grid with a design inspired by the window spans. In permanent dialogue with the Park, Essenza promotes the extension of its physical spaces, in a symbiosis between interior and exterior.

Ventura + Partners is a company dedicated to the development of architecture, design and urbanism projects, founded in 1994 by Manuel Ventura. With offices in Portugal, USA and France – and projects in more than a dozen countries –, this global studio currently employs about 100 collaborators around the world.