The Land of Fish and Rice

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyVe Commercial Space Design (Shenzhen)_Ltd. Company 
ArtistJun-Jian Sun, Jun-Liang Cai
Design TeamJun-Jian Sun, Jun-Liang Cai, Zhang-Lin Deng, Feng-Lin Li, Yan Huang

The overall building following the thoughts of architectural design and connecting the outdoor and indoor themes has created an indoor space imaginatively resembling a mysterious land behind the waterfall. The building incorporating the active life attitude of people in Liyang provides people with multiple featured spaces with the track of “life explorers.” The three principles of design encompass the scenic interactive space, the aesthetic space, and the pleasant public experience of space. This building, with abundant daylight, creates a visual experience and pleasant feeling to people.