Garden Villas

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
ArtistPeter Vavrica
Design TeamIng.arch. Peter Vavrica, Ing.arch. Marek Lohinský, Ing.arch. Robert Janega, Ing. Tomáš Papp, Ing. Miroslav Lackovic, Ing.arch. Martin Vodrážka
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Garden villas with its name, rescued soaring trees and new planting refl ect genius loci of the former abandoned gardening colony, which used to be located in this location. The sloping land on the edge of the built-up area in the northernmost part of Dúbravka enabled us to develop the urbanistic concept of three detached residential buildings interconnected by an underground garage. On the roof of the underground garage we developed a semi-public space with planting, playground, small multifunctional sports fi eld and private front yards of apartments located on the ground floor.

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