PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
CompanyFadi Nasr

Bellula (from Libellula - Dragonfly in Italian) One morning dew on a sleepy leaf and a dragonfly ready to fly beyond. Dragonflies have always been a symbol of change and self-realization. Their elegant flight across the water mirrors flying beyond what’s on the surface to seek with grace life’s most meaningful face. Two overlapping lenses joined by a shimmering golden metallic frame to double the UV protection and to bring a third color in the middle from the fusion of the other two. Tiny jewels are inserted in the earpieces to add an extra glamour to this dragonfly’s poetry.

Ciao! My name is fadi. I'm an Italian | Lebanese Product and Contemporary Furniture Designer based in Milan. Masters in product design (110 with honors) from Domus Academy after Istituto Marangoni. I've always had a passion for the poetry & the storytelling that stand behind each artwork or design. Any idea might be common if it doesn't cross our hearts & kiss our minds - that is what good design is all about to me > Connections. You can find more about my work on Instagram, behance, .... Please do drop by from time to time for a visit and I promise to keep my product updates coming.