Koncept 2047

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyOn Your Mark Design Laboratory Ltd.
ArtistLeo P. H. Chan

After tense clashes between protesters and police since 2019, with one warning Hong Kong was entering a “new normal” on how it viewed law and order. In the midst of uncertainty caused by the current political matter, economic crisis and pandemic, Hong Kong is, thankfully, returning to some form of normality. Hongkongers had seemed confident, we had overcome the worst of the crisis. Hong Kong is slowly returning to normal. Kind of normal. The city will change. The people are always on high alert. This is not a game. It will not be the end of the challenges facing the territory.

On Your Mark Design Laboratory Ltd. (OYM) was founded in London in 2004, is a Hong Kong-based award-winning creative laboratory providing brand consultation and design services across strategies, graphics, typography, photography, illustration, sonic art and advertising. Through experiments and testing in OYM, they try their best to find out new possibilities in design, had received more than 50 global and local design awards over different categories.