Penghu North Sea Visitor Center, Taiwan

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyJJP Architects and Planners
ArtistJoshua Pan
Design TeamChris Huayu Chao, Yuan-Pin Wen, Yen-Chih Tseng, Tsun-Yu Chiang, Ping Chen, Yu-Lin Li, Chun Ouyang, Chun-Pei Chang, Yao-Hu Tian, Yao-Ting Wang
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The North Sea Visitor Center integrates local landscape while incorporating resilient design strategies. First a series of horizontal planes placed against the direction of prevailing wind form a protected outdoor plaza suitable for events year-round. Secondly a tower directs natural light inward and reduces indoor temperature by means of stack effect. Thirdly a double-layered roof reduces thermal loads while forming terraces open to the public. Together in form and materiality the center introduces a new civic forum specific to the site’s weather, landscape and community life.

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