Ships of the Sea

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyStephen B. Morton Photography
ArtistStephen B. Morton

Ships of the Seas are a collection of abstract photography that captures the beauty at the intersection of light and decay. Crossing oceans and hauling cargo these ships weather the some of the most corrosive environments on the planet.

Stephen B. Morton is an independent photojournalist living in Savannah, Ga., USA. After four decades working for national publications, Stephen has started shooting a collection of contemporary abstract fine art images focused on the shipping industry. Inspired by the nexus of light and graphic elements of rusting metal and machinery in an industrial landscape. His images use strong composition with asymmetrical elements to capture the natural wear that occurs to the hulls of the world’s largest container ships. Stephen displays his work as large framed metal prints with astonishing detail.