PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyFlorence Iff
ArtistFlorence Iff

Since the consequences of Corona are only the prelude to the coming climate catastrophe I decided to trace back at the origin of one of the major problems: oil. In the last couple of decades human beings are modifying and destroying nature by burning material which synthesized during millions of years that subsequently led to our current climate crisis. Simultaneously, all man-made material accumulating on and in the earth, in water and air is bound to last for the next millions of years. The work consists of about 250 images, either as surround projection installation or/and book project.

First self-taught I developed with time an artistic way of working with the medium. I'm interested in what photography as a medium inhabits, what is possible and where the limits are. I often mix medias and explore boundaries of imaging combining e.g. web-based photographs with negatives. My inspiration either comes from philosophical, political, scientific or cultural sources and it takes me usually several years to explore a subject within its wide range and levels and to accomplish work series within the topic. Since years I work on the subject of climate change as a longterm project.