Quotidian Life series - 2020

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyDaniel Castonguay Studios
ArtistDaniel Castonguay
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Always in the spirit of my "Quotidian life" series which started more than two years ago, I present you the 2020 chapter. The quotidian life is more or less the same for all with a few variations. A part of my work as a "creative street photographer" is to bring this daily life into a world of fantasy, something related to abstraction. This creates a duality, a paradox. The paradox of the ordinary life in a universe that exists only in one's own imagination that can literally be anything but still being able to relate to.

Living in a great city, I was naturally driven to street photography and depicting the quotidian life in its simplest form. When I started in this field of photography, I worked accordingly to the established standards of the style. At a certain point, I got bored of not being able to illustrate the mood of the “moment”. In order to give a more authentic touch to my work, audacious and challenging the rules, I began to process my imagery to make it a little more mysterious.