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PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)

The target location of this case is situated at the intersection point of the urban center, which echoing the spiritual symbol of the future city. The proprietor is a multi-identity investor who wishes to set up an enterprise headquarters of an international investment consulting company in the trade center. Considering of his high social status and distinct stylish preference, we attempt to make use the concept of magnificent building plus dynamic aesthetics, thus bring about the exclusive taste belong to the particular enterprise.

RuiGuan International Interior Design - create a happy ambience of space and construct an exclusive living scene from a delicate humanistic perspective! It was founded in 2017. The service projects include: residential design and commercial space planning, architectural design... And so on. We possess a professional design team and rich engineering background, particularly put emphasis on the living connection among "space", "people" and "environment" - consequently to create an "exclusive circumstance" for our customers.