Profound Verve

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyLong Win Interior Design
ArtistShih Yun Lung
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The incorporate materials show ingenuity Reserve the basic black, white and grey tone of industrial style, inlay the iron element of the oriental charm, take the advantage of the uncommon OSB planks black dyeing processing, so that the wood texture can be preserved and tidy up the deep hue of the space, as well reducing the chill and harden feature. The black coating iron gratings and window lattices, draw the main texture of the space, and make use of the rustic nature of industrial style to create an exclusive low-key, delicate stylish residence.

"Frameless design" is the nucleus of the Long-win design team. It can be any style, but it won't be any kind that you have ever seen. We adhere to the conviction of " simple life attitude". Basically design with the minimalist style, which widely utilize into the residential, commercial, office spaces and soft furnishing. Further to embellish the space with natural greenery wood, thence bring about the extremely unique sustainable circumstance. There's no doubt, the space would present of an exclusive personal style of each proprietor.