The Hovering Gardens

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyNiraj Doshi Design Consultancy
ArtistAr. Niraj Doshi
Design TeamAr. Akshay Karanjkar (Project Architect), Ar. Supriya Yadav (Team), Jagruti Gujar (Team)
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The brief for N.D.D.C. comprised a modest material template culminating into a residence that would be rich in spatial experience. Ample cross-ventilation, keeping in mind the occupants’ need for privacy, as well as flexibility in space change in accordance with family evolution were also an important consideration. The project was based on an H-shaped plan wherein all the spaces have three external walls. The use of shading devices in the form of huge cantilevered slabs give a “hovering effect” while, at the same time, offering grounding to the building.

Niraj got his international experience with one of the top firms of the world “FOSTER + PARTNERS? London. He worked on projects in US, Denmark, China, Riyadh, UK, Ireland and India. His experience is very diverse from High-rise tower, airport projects to elephant enclosure in a zoo. Currently, working in Pune with a vision to build a design organization and involve dynamic international partners. His designs are backed by strong research and a commitment to sustainable design practices, providing solutions with a global insight within a local context.