PaMu Seeker Bluetooth Headset

PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
CompanyHarda (Xiamen) Plastic Co., Ltd.
ArtistXiaolu Cai / Hengyao Zhu
Design TeamXiamen Padmate Technology Co.,Ltd. / SHENZHEN AZ INDUSTRIAL DESIGN CO., Ltd.
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PaMu Seeker is an entertainment earphone that can provide the functions that other earphones do not have, such as voice change, accompaniment, magnetic microphone and other multi-functional experience for young people. Through the connection of Bluetooth and Mobile App, users can experience various sound surroundings. Furthermore, the built-in microphone and the external magnetic. The built-in 40mm diameter sound unit can provide high-quality sound, while the 500mAH battery can meet the long-term use of more than 15 hours.