MASA [1]

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyRami Ater
ArtistRami Ater
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Two years after his exhibition “Obscurity of Oblivion”, artist Rami Ater returns to The Artists House, this time with an Artist Wall – a fragment from his future exhibition “MASA” Objects are mounted on the wall, all made up of grotesque ironwork figures, flat, coarsely processed, with vague gender identification. The various objects reflect segments in a character’s life journey. Working on this project, Ater moves away from his comfort zone of a multi-dimensional space, to be challenged by being confined to a single wall – an object in itself, that requires attention. Curator: Assaf Rahat

Rami Ater, born 1960, Israeli artist, sculptor, Sculpt in iron while having a discourse with the abstract. His abstract sculptures deal with the examination of space, influenced by the early 20th-century early monastic art.