Cosmic Cells

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
ArtistHufreesh Dumasia Chopra

Mixed media 48" X 60" This painting is a labor of love! It took me some 8 months to finally say that it was complete! A mixed media painting,created on four separate canvases which are brought together to form an entire art piece! A special texture has been created through the use of paper pulp mixed with paint that gives the painting a unique feel. This texture has been overlaid with several other layers of colors to bring out its depth and scintillating vibrancy. There is a great sense of movement and flow that creates a sense of aliveness and exhilarating energy!

“To wake the soul through tender strokes of Art” An Intuitive Abstract artist, Hufreesh Dumasia Chopra, has been painting ever since she was old enough to hold a brush. Her Art connects with the inner most part of her being. It is like having a conversation with her soul and expressed through her Art. A self-discovery process of finding one's true Nature. Her Art reflects this adventurous process ... to find something beautiful in the Unknown, Unpredictable and chaos of Life.